About NISD

What is Northside ISD

Established in 1949 by the consolidation of 12 rural school districts, Northside today is 355 square miles of urban landscape, suburban communities, and rural Texas hill country.Located in the northwest quadrant of San Antonio, Texas, Northside Independent School District, the state’s fourth-largest school district and the nations 25th largest. There are about 608,000 people living in 210,000 households in NISD. Northside today is South Texas’ largest school system, with 119 schools and an enrollment of 105,550 for the 2016-2017 school year. This growth will continue with approximately 1000 new students enrolling in Northside each year.

Who is the Northside Bond Committee

The Northside Bond Committee is a group of community members who have formed a  political action committee to advocate for passage of Northside Bonds.  The committee can accept political contributions and can make political expenditures.

What is a School District Bond?

In Texas, school districts can issue new bonding for:

  • Constructing new school facilities, site acquisition, improving current facilities, and all equipment costs related to construction.
  • The acquisition of property or the refinancing of current property regardless of whether payment obligations under the contract are due in the current year or a future year.
  • The purchase of sites for school buildings
  • The purchase of new school buses.[1]

Think Mortgage.

  • Homeowners borrow money in the form of a mortgage to build or purchase a home.
  • School districts borrow money in the form of a bond to finance new schools and renovation projects.
  • Both are paid over time but for school districts to borrow money, it must first secure approval of its voters.  Hence, a bond election.
  • Note:  Bond funds may not be used on daily operating expenses or salaries

Project Details

New Schools
High Schools
Galm Area HS (Opens Fall 2022) $152,500,000
Middle Schools
Kallison Ranch Area MS (Opens Fall 2021) $57,000,000
Elementary Schools
Village at WestPointe North Area ES (Opens Fall 2021) $35,000,000
FM 471 North area #4 ES (Opens Fall 2023) $35,800,000
Sub Total $280,300,000
Renovations / Reconstruction / Upgrades
Rayburn MS Fine Arts Upgrades $3,300,000
Jay HS Fine Arts Upgrades $47,800,000
Elrod ES Fine Arts Kiln Upgrades $600,000
Multi-Purpose Field Synthetic Turf Replacements (10 sites) $12,660,000
Brandeis, Brennan, Stevens, Clark, Holmes, Harlan, Marshall, O’Connor, Taft, Warren HS
Farris Stadium Football Field Synthetic Turf Replacement $700,000
Brandeis HS Track Replacement $1,300,000
HS Resurface all Tracks (9 schools) $2,000,000
Brennan, Clark, Marshall, Stevens, Taft, Warren, Health Careers, Holmes, O’Connor HS
Stevenson MS Athletic Upgrade – Gym and Locker/Dressing Areas $18,500,000
HS & MS Athletic Major Field Renovations (2 baseball/4 softball HS & 16 football MS) $8,500,000
Mechanical Upgrades (150 sites) $49,800,000
Boilers (5 sites) $4,600,000
May, Glass, Mary Hull, Braun Station ES & Jay HS
Energy Controls Upgrades (11 sites) $3,300,000
Burke, Carlos Coon, Carson, Galm, Glenn, Locke Hill, May, Michael, Myers,

Oak Hills Terrace ES & Jones MS

Roofing & Waterproofing
Replacement / Waterproofing  (14 sites) $20,450,000
Adams Hill, Glenoaks, Glenn, Michael, Mary Hull, Fernandez, Powell, Passmore, Villarreal, Steubing ES & Rayburn MS &  Marshall, Jay & Holmes HS
Safety & Security
Fire Alarm Systems (14 sites) $5,000,000
Adams Hill, Meadow Village, Thornton, Murnin, Driggers, Lewis, Ward, Hatchett,

Fisher ES & Zachry, Rudder, Rawlinson MS & Health Careers HS & Holmgreen Ctr.

ES Security Lobbies (44 Sites and Police Department) $10,000,000
PA Intercom Systems (12 sites) $2,000,000
Helotes, Cable, Locke Hill, Valley Hi ES & Jordan, Rudder, Stinson, Stevenson,

Zachry MS & Marshall, Health Careers HS & NISD Learning Ctr.

Door Hardware (14 sites) $1,700,000
Thornton, McDermott, Helotes, Cable, Villarreal, Powell, Leon Valley, Northwest Crossing, Scobee ES & Jones, Stinson MS & Marshall, Clark, Health Careers HS
ISMS Video Surveillance/Server/Access Control/Cabling $16,000,000
Sub Total $34,700,000
Campus Technology Replacements $46,500,000
Campus Projector Replacements $4,400,000
MS Language Labs Additions $1,400,000
Network Switch Replacements $10,000,000
Server Replacements $2,100,000
Data Center Storage Replacements $400,000
Wireless Network Upgrades $3,000,000
Cabling & Wiring $6,000,000
Sub Total $73,800,000
Transportation $15,000,000
85 buses, 37 multi-use vehicles
Bond Issuance & Management $10,000,000

Grand Total: $848,910,000

Who do I contact for more information?

Northside Bond Committee 2018
3723a Colony Drive
San Antonio, TX 78230
Phone: 210.701.8995